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17th Century Italian Marble Busts of Pan and Syrinx
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17th Century Italian Marble Busts of Pan and Syrinx

An incredible pair of 17th Century Italian Carrara Marble Busts. Depicting Pan and Syrinx. Pan wears a lion pelt around his shoulders. Both are swathed in typically Baroque robes. In Classical Greek mythology Syrinx, a nymph known for her chastity became the attention of Pans’ desires. He pursued her to a rivers edge where she asked for assistance from the river nymphs. In answer she was transformed into hollow water reeds which made a haunting sound when the Gods frustrated breath blew across them...Pan cut the reeds and fashioned the original set of Pan Pipes which was forever known as syrinx.
Width49cm (1′7″)
Height72cm (2′4″)
Depth23cm (9″)
Reference No.YB33W

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