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Chloë Holt RCA FRSA - “Shoji”
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Chloë Holt RCA FRSA - “Shoji”

Original oil, raw pigment, graphite and gesso painting in antique frame by artist Chloë Holt RCA FRSA. “The great Frejus earthenware ceramic jar, it's surface encrusted with pale yellow to ocher lichens like the rooftops of St Ives. It emrges into light from the shadows. "Shoji (not only relating to the art of Shoji Hamada) but meaning "screen". It is the sliding paper partion screen. In his book on asthetics, in prais of shadows Jun 'Ichiro Tanizaki comments on the role of the Shoji in the interaction of light and shadows and the power of thier tones reflecting on the subtle nuances of life. The importance of mindfulness and noticing small things.” Framed size listed.
Width99cm (3′3″)
Height118cm (3′10″)
Depth12cm (5″)
Reference No.EBQG8

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