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French “Vendange” Wine Tasting Tilt-top Table c.1880
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French “Vendange” Wine Tasting Tilt-top Table c.1880

A superb mixed fruit wood French “Vendange” wine-tasting table. With original hand-painted decoration featuring heraldry, beasts and spelling ‘Chateau Margaux Grand Vin De Bordeaux’. c.1880 This table is from a Vineyard in Bordeaux where typically they would be used to display the wines for the wine tasting and selling once yearly, and also for the party at the end of the grape-picking Harvests. A vineyard depending on size would always own a number of these tables. (Folded dimensions: 116cm h x 110cm w x 46cm d)

Width110cm (3′7″)
Height70cm (2′4″)
Depth110cm (3′7″)
Reference No.6ZR6D

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