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Pair of Exceptional Venetian Polychrome Angels Late 17th Century
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Pair of Exceptional Venetian Polychrome Angels Late 17th Century

A pair of exceptionally fine and rare polychrome Venetian Angels. Late 17th Century.
They are characteristically High Baroque and painted to resemble marble.
Kneeling in dramatic poses on graphic swirls of heavenly clouds, and adorned in fluid luminous gold water-gilded sashes. Remarkably the majority of their original polychrome remains. With incredible life-like detail, even down to the finely painted eyebrows on their serene faces. One Angel clasps it’s chest, another splays it’s fingers on an outstretched arm.
Provenance from a Milanese families private collection and originally purchased in Venice.
(Size per Angel)

Width55cm (1′10″)
Height101cm (3′4″)
Depth37cm (1′3″)
Reference No.TBD4Z

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