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Rare Venetian Gondola Chair c.1740
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Rare Venetian Gondola Chair c.1740

An exceptional and rare original Venetian Gondola Chair. c.1740.
This incredible piece of Venetian history has opulent parcel-gilt and red-japanned decoration depicting chinoiserie figures, peonies, and a glare of bright sunshine. Floral and foliate motifs with whimsical diminutive pagoda like structures, figures in tall pointed hats and fantastical birds. The height of fashion at this point in time.
The sculptural egg-shaped seat is upholstered in its’ original thick tanned leather with dramatic stud work. The shape of the chair is reminiscent of the Octopus taking its inspiration from the mythical creatures of the sea.
In completely original condition, a true work of art and an important piece of Venetian history.

Width92cm (3′)
Height101cm (3′4″)
Depth47cm (1′7″)
Reference No.H348Y

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