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Renaissance Carved Stone Figure of The Archangel Michael c.1480
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B60a19b1f51d4e081926cc2777a06a31.jpeg?ixlib=rails 4.0
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Renaissance Carved Stone Figure of The Archangel Michael c.1480

A sublimely carved Renaissance Italian depiction of The Archangel Michael c.1480

Intricately sculpted from limestone, bearing fragments of original gesso and polychrome which would have adorned this once highly coloured niche figure.

The Archangel wears a costume of classical armour, with his 'baltea' skirt intricately pleated and a scalloped edged cape swathes his shoulders.
His face represents the simplistic and serene notion of humanism, popularised by the ground-breaking artist Piero della Francesca. (See final image of Piero della Francesca, 1415/20 - 1492 Saint Michael, c. 1469, Oil on poplar 133 x 59.5 cm, The National Gallery, London)

The distinctive ringlets of his hair, curled tight, hark back to depictions within art from the late Medieval to Early Renaissance periods.
Worth noting are the remnants of his great wings to the back of the cape. The sculpture has an iron rod where he would have been secured to his original niche.

Additional image depicting Saint Michael and the Dragon” by the Sienese School of the 14th century, is a mystical masterpiece depicting a miraculous event in dreamlike colour. See images for similarities.

Width43cm (1′5″)
Height77cm (2′6″)
Depth29cm (11″)
Reference No.2AUWY

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