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Welsh Oak Tridarn c.1736 from Conwy, North Wales Coast.
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Welsh Oak Tridarn c.1736 from Conwy, North Wales Coast.

A fine Welsh Oak Tridarn, or Dresser c.1736
With provenance from an old cruck-built hall house in Conwy, North Coast of Wales formerly Caernarfonshire. This dresser was captured and painstakingly illustrated in a pen and ink sketch in 1802 by artist Cornelius Varley in “A Welsh Kitchen” (now in the Museum of Wales).

The Tridarn epitomises the genre of the Welsh Oak Dresser, one of the most distinctive forms of Welsh furniture.

The oak is dark, almost black like treacle. The upper canopy section has a moulded cornice above a rail fitted with iron hooks raised above baluster turned posts and waved cut slatted sides with a thick rough hewn plank back; the mid-section cupboard has two panelled doors aside a central ogee curved panel; the lower cupboard has two large fielded panel doors with turned peg handles.

Width142cm (4′8″)
Height206cm (6′9″)
Depth52cm (1′8″)
Reference No.2A6YU

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