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A Pair of Italian School Ebonised Tondos c.1740
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A Pair of Italian School Ebonised Tondos c.1740

A wonderful and charming pair of Italian School Tondos or roundels c.1740

One depicts a rural scene, with figures, a small dwelling and a bridge between mountains within an Italianate landscape. The second shows a Castello upon a cliff looking out towards sailors and ships at sea.

Each circular painting is held in a matching, hand-carved gilded edge ebonised tondo engaged frame, with hand-painted ‘Sgraffito’ foliate decoration subtly visible between the gilded raised edges.

Price for the pair. Size per piece.

Width33cm (1′1″)
Height33cm (1′1″)
Depth5cm (2″)
Reference No.FUGCT

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