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An XL Pair of Terracotta Cretan Greek Pithoi Jars
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An XL Pair of Terracotta Cretan Greek Pithoi Jars

An extra large pair of terracotta Greek Pithoi jars from Crete. Mid 20th Century.

These vintage Greek planters from Crete share a shape that dates back to most common use in the Bronze Age, but the form can be found used by Mediterranean civilisations as early as the Neolithic period.
Originally Pithoi were used for bulk storage, primarily for fluids and grains.

Cretan hand-thrown terracotta is made with the highest quality prepared clay and crushed olive stones and grape seeds are still used as fuel for the kilns.

With beautiful hand drawn patterned details, featuring three handles on the top upper portion. The vessels have a delicate lichen coated time-worn surface, the perfect amount of age. They now make stunning planters in your garden or as sculptural vessels for your home.

An almost matching pair, one is 97cm high, one 99cm high.

Width74cm (2′5″)
Height99cm (3′3″)
Depth74cm (2′5″)
Reference No.H5RTP

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