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Antique Artisan Re-Worked Turkish Carpet Black & Peach
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Antique Artisan Re-Worked Turkish Carpet Black & Peach

A striking antique hand-knotted rug from Turkey with a traditional design reinvented in a modern style through a process of transformation.
The rug has areas of colours removed then re-dyed in a monochromatic palette, obtaining an original, unique and exceptional one-off appearance. The pile is then shaved, to give a hand-carved 3D relief, completely or in part, giving a beautiful aged and worn appearance.
In some, the original design or pattern is still visible, while in others, it is barely noticeable.
Each rug from our collection is unique, unrepeatable and precious.
Pile composition of wool and cotton. Thickness 0.5cm.

Width203cm (6′8″)
Height315cm (10′4″)
Depth0cm ()
Reference No.8H6QB

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