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Bust of Emperor Augustus Caesar
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Bust of Emperor Augustus Caesar

French Mid-20th Century composite stone bust of Emperor Augustus Caesar. This larger than life size bust would make a statement in any garden or drama to an interior. Augustus's features are idealised here for his portraits. On his wishes, and no matter his age - the Roman emperor who ruled from 27 B.C.E. to 14 C.E. required that all portraits depicted him as a handsome young man. Even after his death sculptors continued to show him in the way he desired. Here he is in the Greek classic style of the 5th and 4th centuries B.C.E. notable simplified features, strong nose and overlapping locks of hair. Wonderful wear and patina adding to its drama! (Plinth not included.)
Width27cm (11″)
Height61cm (2′)
Depth30cm (1′)
Reference No.57RRY

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