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Bust of Eumenes II by Sabatino de Angels & Fils 1908
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Bust of Eumenes II by Sabatino de Angels & Fils 1908

A rare and important work of Bronze, cast through the lost wax process by Sabatino de Angels & Fils who ran a bronze foundry in Naples from 1884 to early 20th century. They were renowned for their cast bronzes direct from sculptures in the National Archeological Museum of Naples. This particular piece is from the collection of sculptures from the 1754 dig at the Roman Villa dei Papiri (Villa of the Papyri) in Herculaneum - one of the most luxurious houses in the Roman world. The bust is of Eumenes II - the “Saviour” of Pergamon who ruled in 197-159 BC. With a legacy as a shrewd ruler and politician, under his reign Pergamum flourishes, men of learning were welcome and rejoiced. Eumenes adorned the city with splendid buildings and his greatest achievement the ‘Library at Pergamon’ which was one of the great libraries of the Ancient Worlds and the place traditionally associated with the creation of parchment. When the Kingdom of Pergamon fell to the Romans in 133BC Mark Antony seized the 200,000 roll collection and gifted it to Cleopatra in 43BC.

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Width39cm (1′3″)
Height55cm (1′10″)
Depth29cm (11″)
Reference No.T7HWC

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