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Chatsworth Estate English Mahogany Corner Cupboard c.1760
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Chatsworth Estate English Mahogany Corner Cupboard c.1760

An exceptional English Mahogany wall-mounted corner cupboard from the Chatsworth Estate village of Edensor.

This fine piece was created around 1760 for a house of some substance and remained in a home in the “model village” of Edensor where it hung until it was removed by our restorer 15 years ago, and only recently have we been lucky enough to purchase it for our collection.

Having impeccable provenance make this an irresistible example of 18th Century English furniture.

Made with extremely fine materials: including curl mahogany; mahogany; fruit and satin wood.
Worth noting is the rare ‘break-front’ barrel circular shape which we (and our restorer) have never seen before.

This piece is in a complete, original and untouched condition since the day it was hung within the Chatsworth Estate.

Width85cm (2′9″)
Height108cm (3′7″)
Depth50cm (1′8″)
Reference No.98HEQ

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