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Chloë Holt RCA FRSA - “Livius”
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Chloë Holt RCA FRSA - “Livius”

Original painting by artist Chloë Holt RCA FRSA. Oil and encaustic wax on board in an antique frame.
“Dusk falls and highlights the outline of architectural Agapanthus flower heads; bold brilliant Echinacea; soft vibrations of cornflower blue Scabiosa and Delphinium; and starry white Aster luminous against an pale viridian sky. The night time garden draws on.
​Named after Titus Livius who was known as one of Rome's distinguished historians, he was known as 'the man from Pompeii' and the tones of this painting bear semblance to the classic greens found in the frescos of Pompeii.” - Chloë Holt
Framed size.

This item has been sold. We only sell antiques but we are able to source similar items on occasion. Please contact us if you loved this piece and we will see if we can help!

Width89cm (2′11″)
Height66cm (2′2″)
Depth4cm (2″)
Reference No.74CYS

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