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Diana of Versailles or Artemis Sculpture with Plinth c.1890-1920
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Diana of Versailles or Artemis Sculpture with Plinth c.1890-1920

A superb rendition of ‘The Diana of Versailles’ or Artemis sculpture, after the partially restored Roman copy (1st or 2nd AD) of a lost Greek bronze original attributed to Leochares, c. 325 BC.
Artemis is Goddess of the Hunt. Diana, here represented at the hunt, hastening forward, as if in pursuit of game. She looks toward the right, and with raised right arm is about to draw an arrow from her quiver as she grasps a young deer at her feet.
Created from composite stone with a ceramic glaze.
Including metal and wooden riveted pedestal.

The original Diana of Versailles is now housed in the Louvre, but was once installed in the Grande Galerie (Hall of Mirrors) in Versailles by Louis XIV.

Height 110cm without pedestal.

Width58cm (1′11″)
Height199cm (6′6″)
Depth54cm (1′9″)
Reference No.6MEMT

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