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English Campana Cast Iron Urn by Andrew Handyside Co. c.1870
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English Campana Cast Iron Urn by Andrew Handyside Co. c.1870

An exceptional cast iron Campana satyrs mask garden urn by renowned English Foundry the Andrew Handyside Company (Britannia Iron Works, Derby) c.1870

The campana style urn on its associated pedestal has decorative open loop and satyrs mask handles on a deeply gadrooned bowl set upon a raised spreading socle foot. The body with a lobed everted rim is decorated with a foliate frieze accentuating the overall relief and detail.
The associated over-painted black flaky-paint pedestal is modelled with a wreath to each side, made from composite terracotta.

At the time of the the Great Exhibition of 1851 the Foundry was described as being “from the magnitude of its operations is second to none in England”. Andrew Handyside bought the Britannia Iron Works in 1848, and manufactured several ornamental vases in classical purity, form and ornament. Receiving distinctions at the Great Exhibition in 1851, “the quality of their casts were exceptional and became more exceptional with time”. They produced three catalogues, in 1848, 1874 and 1880.

This urn is illustrated in the Handyside Catalogue of 1874.

Urn size 57.5 cm wide,57 cm deep, 75 cm high.
Total height listed with pedestal. Pedestal 73cm high.

Width44cm (1′5″)
Height148cm (4′10″)
Depth44cm (1′5″)
Reference No.A758S

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