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First English Edition of William Camden’s ‘Britannia’ c.1610
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First English Edition of William Camden’s ‘Britannia’ c.1610

First English Edition of William Camden’s ‘Britannia’. “Britain, or a Chorographicall Description of the Most flourishing Kingdomes, England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the Ilands adioyning […]” Translated newly into English from Latin by Philemon Holland.
Hardback calf leather and gilt date with original spine with raised bands. Original unrestored condition.
With Engraved title page by William Hole flanked by figures Neptune and Ceres.
The book has a blind stamp monograph ‘FT’ upside down centrally on front and back. Illustrated maps are blank verso.
The book also features a beautifully hand written calligraphic dedication to its owner in 1615 and sequential stamps of future owners thought its history.
Approx sizes.

Width24cm (9″)
Height34cm (1′1″)
Depth7cm (3″)
Reference No.6M9S6

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