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French Terracotta Lion Sculptures by Mandeville-Combeleran 1880-1905
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French Terracotta Lion Sculptures by Mandeville-Combeleran 1880-1905

An extremely rare and huge pair of terracotta lions with original plinths and glass eyes.
Manufactured in the South of France in Castelnaudary by the famous Mandeville pottery which was established in 1880, becoming ‘Mandeville-Combeleran’ in 1905.
The pottery was the most important maker in Castelnaudary (Aude). These lions bear the earliest stamp of production from 1880-1905. It is very rare to find a pair, on their original plinths, and even rarer to come across models with their glass eyes - making them very important beasts indeed!

Width38cm (1′3″)
Height142cm (4′8″)
Depth53cm (1′9″)
Reference No.5Z338

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