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Huge Pair of 'Pots à Feu' (Fire Urns)
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Huge Pair of 'Pots à Feu' (Fire Urns)

An enormous pair of French stone composite 'Pots à Feu' (Fire Urns) from the Mid-20th Century.
The pots à feu take their inspiration from both Baroque and Classical architectural tradition.
Château of Versailles is renowned for being prolifically adorned with the elegant motif.
Each pale, wonderful patinated and lichen covered composite stone urn is decorated with a huge flame whose curvy lines suggest the movement created by the winds. The body of the urns and handles are a baroque display of shells and foliate garlands.
These urns would make a fine addition to any garden, and would look incredible raised upon gate posts or a pedestal wall.
The urns are each one solid piece.

Width74cm (2′5″)
Height146cm (4′9″)
Depth66cm (2′2″)
Reference No.MGZBT

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