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Humphrey Hopper Regency Stucco Plaster Statue of a Maiden c.1820
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Humphrey Hopper Regency Stucco Plaster Statue of a Maiden c.1820

A classically intensely beautiful example of a Regency Humphrey Hopper maiden. Made from Stucco plaster, a technique the famous sculptor was renowned for from 1764-1844. Hopper was an English mason and sculptor who studied at the Royal Academy Schools, gaining the gold medal there in 1803. He later developed a line of plaster figures designed to hold lamps in niches, working with architects such as Lewis Wyatt. Please see images for condition, well worn with an amazing patina of overpainting that we just love!

Width45cm (1′6″)
Height106cm (3′6″)
Depth40cm (1′4″)
Reference No.TAX2E

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