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Italian Baroque Solomonic Column with Vines & Putti c.1720
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Italian Baroque Solomonic Column with Vines & Putti c.1720

A rare and exquisitely carved fragment of a Baroque Solomonic Column. c.1720
Solomonic columns were commonly used in altars, furniture, and architecture during the Baroque period.
Sculpted vines, fruits and entwined Putti figure is carved into the spiralling cavetto of the twisting column.
The column is has incredible wear, but retains much of its original gilding and polychrome highlighting the important elements of the piece.
In an ecclesiastical context such ornament may be read as symbolic of the wine used in the Eucharist.

Width17cm (7″)
Height93cm (3′1″)
Depth17cm (7″)
Reference No.5938N

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