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Italian Oil Painting Depicting Saint Rita c.1680
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Italian Oil Painting Depicting Saint Rita c.1680

A sublime and truly gentle and beautiful early Italian oil painting depicting Saint Rita ‘The Peacemaker of Cascia’ c.1680 housed in a Louis XIV (The Sun King) frame.
St Rita grasps a palm leaf, she is swathed in muslin, her head adored with a glowing halo representing her Sainthood. She wears baroque pearl earring and a round pearl necklace representing the emblem of Gods and Royalty.
Natural pearls have always been objects of desire due to their rarity and beauty. Myths and legends surrounded them, chiefly to explain the mystery of their formation.
High in the hills of the republic of Cascia, in a tiny Umbrian village called Roccaporena, her parents Antonio and Amata Lotti were well-respected peacemakers. In 1381, they welcomed their only child, Margherita. In the local dialect, her name meant “pearl," but she was known simply as Rita ‘the Peacemaker of Cascia’.

Width69cm (2′3″)
Height86cm (2′10″)
Depth7cm (3″)
Reference No.FU5R9

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