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Italian Polychrome Enthroned Madonna and Child c.1680
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Italian Polychrome Enthroned Madonna and Child c.1680

An exceptional Italian polychromed and gilt enthroned Madonna and Child devotional sculpture created c.1680
The Madonna is depicted enthroned upon a ‘slung back’ chair of the period, which has a wonderful vibrant gilded inscription to the back panel of the chair.
She is seated swathed in scarves and robes, with a large amount of the residual gilded polychrome remaining. Even the back to her cloak is a strong Marian blue.
Most noteworthy is the exquisite and gentle carving of the Madonna’s serene face and the life-life engaging quality of the Infant held on her lap.
Her smaller scale would have suggested this piece would have been created for personal devotional use in a private chapel or within intimate shrine at home.
A rare and wondrous work of art.

Width16cm (6″)
Height32cm (1′1″)
Depth16cm (6″)
Reference No.DST6F

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