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Early 19th c. Italian Renaissance Revival Pastiglia Heraldic Shield
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Early 19th c. Italian Renaissance Revival Pastiglia Heraldic Shield

Italian Renaissance Revival Early 19th Century Heraldic Shield/plaque probably from Tuscany, in the manner of of Renaissance 15th-16th Century work of Florence and Siena. Intricate gilt Pastiglia with areas of polychrome. Featuring mythical beasts, foliate scrollwork, demonic faces, dragons and a winged Devil surrounding a central Northern Italian Heraldic Crest.
This genre of Italian Renaissance pieces became highly sought after in the second half of the 19th century – very wealthy great Industrial collectors entered the art market – as a result many workshops took up making ‘original’ artworks immediately to provide for this vivid market.

Width42cm (1′5″)
Height122cm (4′)
Depth3cm (1″)
Reference No.X65UC

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