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Large “Han Dynasty” Ferghana Terracotta Horse c.1820
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Large “Han Dynasty” Ferghana Terracotta Horse c.1820

A unique and enchanting animated terracotta horse inspired by the Ancient Chinese Horses of the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.–220 A.D.)
Possibly created in the early 19th Century c.1820.

This large sectional terracotta and pottery horse is based on the exquisite walking Ferghana horses from the Ferghama Valley in Central Asia.
Horses were extremely important to Han rulers and aristocrats, who created representations of them to place in their elaborate tombs, for later service in their afterlife.
During Emperor Wu’s reign (141–87 B.C.) the superior breed of horse, the Ferghana horse was imported from the Western Region to China’s Central Plains.
The majestic stance of this tomb sculpture expresses the vitality of these animals known as “celestial” or “heavenly horses”.

Created from sectional terracotta pieces with a ceramic outer patinated skin, displayed on a bespoke powder coated metal stand.

Width42cm (1′5″)
Height155cm (5′1″)
Depth120cm (3′11″)
Reference No.SGER3

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