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Leda and the Swan Statue
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Leda and the Swan Statue

A charming statue depicting Leda and the Swan.
Mid 20th Century.

In Greek mythology Leda was seduced by Zeus who took the form of a swan. In some versions of the story Leda laid two eggs from which her children hatched!

The swan wraps his great detailed feathered wings around Leda as he gently caresses her with his slender neck. Leda’s modesty is concealed by a vine leaf. Her hair is braided with ringlets and hair band, reminiscent of several Roman interpretations of the subject.

This piece is created from stone composite with a wonderfully patinated time-worn surface, ready to blend into any garden, a size that would fit both smaller and large spaces.

Width62cm (2′)
Height128cm (4′2″)
Depth34cm (1′1″)
Reference No.U9Q4B

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