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Life-size Humphrey Hopper Plaster Statues of Minerva and Demeter from Harewood House c.1815
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Life-size Humphrey Hopper Plaster Statues of Minerva and Demeter from Harewood House c.1815

A rare pair of dynamic early plasters c.1815 by Royal Academy artist and sculptor Humphrey Hopper (1767-1844) with wonderful provenance from Harewood House, North Yorkshire - one of Yorkshire’s finest Stately Homes.
Hopper executed some classical figures, but in later life concentrated on work as a monumental mason, including memorial busts and monuments including the government commission for the memorial in St Paul's Cathedral to General Andrew Hay.
This duo of Greek goddesses depict Minerva and Demeter in confident stance upon integral plaster plinths with circular motifs. Classically beautiful and strong female figures making a dramatic statement. A unique opportunity to own an important piece of history.

Width59cm (1′11″)
Height196cm (6′5″)
Depth48cm (1′7″)
Reference No.AQW5N

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