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Limestone Virgin & Child Carving c.1640-1660
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Limestone Virgin & Child Carving c.1640-1660

A sublime intricate carving of the Virgin & Child c.1640-1660.
Carved from limestone with remnants of original polychrome.
Mary is depicted swathed in a headscarf and cloak, deep drapes and folds of the gathered flowing robe falling to her feet.
The infant with his mass of curly hair and energetically portrayed baroque limbs, grasps Marys’ scarf and his loin is entangled in the cloth.
Mary has engaging eyes, both having wonderful realistic features and suggesting her date.
She stands on a square canted base in thonged sandals.
The slightly flattened Virgins head has three tiny holes which would once have secured a precious metal crown.
This elegantly detailed icon would have been originally commissioned and created for a smaller Chapel or Church, or used for private devotion.
See images for historical losses and repair.

Width25cm (10″)
Height55cm (1′10″)
Depth22cm (9″)
Reference No.3MNQ6

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