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North European Repoussé Brass Candle Lantern c.1750
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B76d4e3350c5ad58085fdbd15c5731e6.jpeg?ixlib=rails 4.0
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North European Repoussé Brass Candle Lantern c.1750

An incredibly rare, unusual and early diminutive North European repoussé brass candle lantern. c.1750.
Featuring a heavy glass bull-eye paned hinged door, enclosing a internal single candle holder.
The lantern is topped with a scalloped pediment with a central chimney. Its’ cylindrical body is decorated with repoussé scrolls and scallop shells. Notably, the folding strap handle is stamped with a tiny key emblem.
When lit, the bull-eye glass magnifies the small point of light from within.
Provenance and labelled from the renowned folk art collector Graham Cutts Private Collection.

Width10cm (4″)
Height15cm (6″)
Depth14cm (6″)
Reference No.83YES

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