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Palace of Westminster Crown c.1840-1859
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Palace of Westminster Crown c.1840-1859

An incredible part of British history, this Anston Stone Crown is one of the original collection of Crowns which adorned the Palace of Westminster in their architectural restoration after the great fire which destroyed the iconic Houses of Parliament in 1834. Following their destruction (which was captured by many renowned Artists of the day including Turner), Prime Minister Robert Peel launched a competition for architects to submit plans for a new seat of British Government in the ‘Gothic or Elizabethan’ style. Charles Barry, in collaboration with Augustus Pugin submitted the award winning design. The building design changed from its original simplicity to a new era of gothic decoration and adornment. The shape of the Crown is specifically that of the Imperial English Crown, first seen in the Baroque period of 1700s. With its crosses, cabochons, Fleur de Lis and arches. The crown has direct provenance from the Palace of Westminster to the Family of a North Wales Country house.

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Width50cm (1′8″)
Height54cm (1′9″)
Depth38cm (1′3″)
Reference No.QGW69

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