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Parisian “Armurerie” Gunsmith’s Desk c.1860-80
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Parisian “Armurerie” Gunsmith’s Desk c.1860-80

An incredible Parisian ‘Armurerie’ Gunsmiths desk/workbench. c.1860-80.
This absolutely unique piece of furniture would have been used by the Gunsmith for all aspects of his work: locking drawers with original name plates and numbers; two slide-out table leafs where the apprentices would have studied and worked and a bank of bore gauge holes, still containing some of the forms for cartridge and barrel measurement.
The Armoury would have been an important and prestigious place - the frieze surmounting the desk is unusually ornate and elegant, suggesting this piece was made to order as a complete one-off.
Rediscovered within the drawers are several pieces of gunsmith paraphernalia, including an original gunpowder measuring spoon (now held in a small glass vial); a small printed canvas pouch containing shot; an empty shotgun cartridge and the Parisian owners business card with the name and address ‘Daniel Bougard - 28 Rue du Temple, Paris’. All of which we like to include with the desk as an important part of its history.

Size with extended leaves 220cm wide.

This item has been sold. We only sell antiques but we are able to source similar items on occasion. Please contact us if you loved this piece and we will see if we can help!

Width140cm (4′7″)
Height185cm (6′1″)
Depth67cm (2′2″)
Reference No.C8R6C

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