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Rare Northern Italian Terracotta Urn c.1640
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Rare Northern Italian Terracotta Urn c.1640

A very rare and fine example of a Northern Italian Terracotta Urn c.1640

The early 1600s terracotta urn is flanked by characterful and expressive satyrs heads in the Classical form with scalloped lobed handles protruding from the satyrs hair. The smiling satyr has curly hair and a long, curly beard.
It is worth noting the incredible sharp detail within their faces.
Satyrs are mythological creatures who are followers of Dionysus, the wine god.

The influence of this piece noticeably harks back to Classical Roman and Greek and Mythological works of art.

The surface of the body of the urn is rendered to the finest quality, it’s proportions are extremely well composed, balanced and elegant. A noteworthy piece.

Width59cm (1′11″)
Height53cm (1′9″)
Depth42cm (1′5″)
Reference No.NPBNF

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