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Italian Renaissance ‘The Three Ages of Man’ Tricephalic Capital c.1440
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Italian Renaissance ‘The Three Ages of Man’ Tricephalic Capital c.1440

An incredibly unusual and rare Venetian Renaissance capital depicting ‘The Three Ages of Man’.
A ‘tricephalic’ Istrian stone carving consisting of three portraits of man: Youth/innocence; Adulthood/lust; Old Age/wisdom.

We are invited to meditate on the inevitable transience and passage of human life.

Most notably the capital spans the transition from Venetian Gothic to the late start of Venetian Renaissance Architecture through its naive to realistic styling within the portraiture on the various sides.

Later during the Renaissance artist Titian also painted the subject, his allegorical interpretation becoming one his most renowned works.

This is a an original accomplished work of art by a very fine sculptor. Possibly by Bartolomeo Bon and workshop.


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Width23cm (9″)
Height24cm (10″)
Depth25cm (10″)
Reference No.D3GDX

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