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Renaissance Venetian Neptune Fountain in Istrian Marble c.1500
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Renaissance Venetian Neptune Fountain in Istrian Marble c.1500

An incredibly rare and beautifully detailed Istrian marble Renaissance Venetian fountain in the form of the Sea God Neptune.
The famed architect Jacopo Sansovino, Italian sculptor and architect, who was best known for his works around Piazza San Marco in Venice (1486-1570) wrote about the qualities of the stone:
“It is white in colour, and similar to marble, but firm and strong in character such that it endures for a very long time against the ice and the sun; from it can be made statues, which, when polished with felt like marble…have the appearance of marble.“
Neptune stands atop a mythical sea creature who’s tail fin coils around his torso, the mouth of the creature is open wide and is fitted with the original lead pipe for the fountain. Please contact us direct for more information on this wonderful sculpture.

This item has been sold. We only sell antiques but we are able to source similar items on occasion. Please contact us if you loved this piece and we will see if we can help!

Width32cm (1′1″)
Height104cm (3′5″)
Depth36cm (1′2″)
Reference No.X2QSP

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