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Roman Marble Fragmentary Torso circa 1st Century AD
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Roman Marble Fragmentary Torso circa 1st Century AD

A mysterious fragmentary torso from a toga adorned Roman figure circa 1st Century AD.

The perfect piece to add to your collector’s cabinet. Mounted on a simple black stand and presented as an archaeological artwork characterised by its timeless spirit and historical quality.

Although ancient, there is a pure, remarkably contemporary feeling and dialogue within this archaeological piece.
The original creation of this work in marble depicting a togatus, that is, one who is wearing a toga and has civilian status, but nevertheless obviously had high-standing in society to be epitomised in sculpture.
The object has honesty from it’s material, and the purity of intent in it’s creation. The remaining fragment is a piece that retains the original essence and soul.

Size of marble in centimetres: 23.5 wide x 9 deep x 7.5 high

Width26cm (10″)
Height14cm (6″)
Depth10cm (4″)
Reference No.8CSZ8

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