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Saint Michael and The Devil c.1590-1620
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Saint Michael and The Devil c.1590-1620

A heroic and romantic interpretation of Saint Michael vanquishing The Devil (here represented as a serpent or dragon like creature) c.1590-1620.
Gilded and polychromed, with the majority of the original paint intact.
Our hero wearing a full suit of armour and carrying a shield and spear, stands upon the to-be-vanquished beast who is writhing in agony and anger beneath him.
Fantastically carved and detailed: from the life-like features of his face, to the intricate and realistic decorated armour.
Worth noting that the cross upon his chest and shield upon his arm bear the cross of Charles Emmanuel I (Italian: Carlo Emanuele di Savoia), who reigned from 1580-1630.
An evocative and timeless piece.

Width32cm (1′1″)
Height76cm (2′6″)
Depth14cm (6″)
Reference No.M9T6D

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