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Set of 5 Cast Iron Gothic Arched Coalbrookdale Windows c.1860
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Set of 5 Cast Iron Gothic Arched Coalbrookdale Windows c.1860

An exceptional, elegant and very “rare-to-find” set of five Coalbrookdale Gothic Arched Windows c.1860
The complete set was salvaged from a Victorian Chapel in South-West UK.
The iron work has exquisite crisp detail, depth and rigidity to the casting.
Notably three of the windows have a central upper pivoting tilting opening window.
Most of the original glass is still intact. Wear consistent with age and use.
(Size per window. Width is 71cm with protruding latch)

Width67cm (2′3″)
Height240cm (7′10″)
Depth3cm (1″)
Reference No.5XX4U

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