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Silenus or ‘Silène’ by Sabatino de Angelis & Fils with Plinth c.1890
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Silenus or ‘Silène’ by Sabatino de Angelis & Fils with Plinth c.1890

A fabulous Italian Neapolitan Grand Tour bronze of the god Silenus or ‘Silène’
After the Roman original excavated at Pompeii on 2nd May 1864, which is now housed in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples, Italy.
Created by the Sabatino de Angelis & Fils foundry who operated in Naples from 1840 to the early 20th century. The foundry was given the rights to direct wax-cast from the original bronzes held at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples, Italy in 1888.

In Greek mythology, Silenus was a companion and tutor to the wine god Dionysus.

This very fine cast shows the god holding aloft a coiled snake. The original sculpture held a glass orb oil lamp. This piece has a wonderful verdigris surface developed over many years.

Italian marble associated plinth included. (107.5 cm high; 28 cm wide; 28 cm deep)
See page 45 from ‘Catalogue illustré de Sab. De Angelis & fils’, Naples 1900.

Width26cm (10″)
Height60cm (2′)
Depth26cm (10″)
Reference No.S4HMH

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