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Stunning Collection of Five Venetian Murano Goblets


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A divine and extremely beautiful collection of Venetian Murano glass goblets. Mid 20th Century and possibly earlier.

Hand-blown with a wealth of glassmaking techniques developed by ancient artisans, which only a true Master or ‘Maestra’ would be skilled enough to produce.

The abundantly ornate pieces are adorned and decorated with multi-coloured enamels. The glasses are coloured and opalescent. All have stems made from ‘Aventurine ‘ or goldstone glass - where the Masters use of tiny pieces of 24k gold or other metals in the process of glassmaking to create a shimmering effervescent and luminous glass, a technique discovered in the early 15th Century.

The technique of enamelling glass in Venice dates from the late 13th Century, but only on beakers. During the mid 15th Century the workshop of ‘Angelo Barovier’ was the most important and credited to introducing the technique.

The goblets are decadent, opulent and ornate. The traditional Venetian wine glass would have been given as a glass or a set for an occasion such as a Wedding, engagement, birthday or anniversary.

Everything one would want from maximalist Venice - imagine living how the Venetian Nobles did centuries ago. A stunning and distinguished collection.

The individual goblets:

  • A large octagonal vibrant red tapering bowl enamel painted with scrolls and cross-hatched trellis, raised on a knopped stem with applied red glass trails.

  • A deep vibrant blue ogee bowl with enamel painted with scrolls and trellis, the lower section of the bowl is reeded, raised on a knopped wrythen stem with applied prunts in deepest blue.

  • The smallest goblet is octagonal opalescent glass with a tapering bowl decorated with scrolls and trellis enamels in polychrome and gold, upon on a wrythen baluster stem with gilded petals.

  • The bell-shaped opalescent bowl goblet the bell-shaped bowl decorated in pink and turquoise enamels with scrolls and trellis, raised on a tapering wrythen stem, embellished with gilding.

  • The large round bowl goblet in mauve glass features an almost solid band of enamel painted with scrolling flowers and foliage, gilded borders, is raised on a triple knopped wrythen stem of ‘Aventurine’ glass.

Size is largest glass.

  • Width: 12 cm (4.72″)
  • Height: 24 cm (9.45″)
  • Depth: 12 cm (4.72″)