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The Birth of Venus Statue
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The Birth of Venus Statue

An enchanting interpretation of Italian artist Sandro Botticelli‘s “The Birth of Venus” Venus in statue form.
Third quarter 20th Century.

The statue depicts the moment Venus arrives from the sea, new-born, standing in a giant clam shell.

Created in stone composite, this delightful statue stands within her own three dimensional shell, her animated hair flows dramatically from her beautiful serene face, her locks pierced with small holes letting light dance though.
The cool white surface is punctuated by a spattering of soft grey, brown and green lichens, with the perfect amount of age to fit seamlessly into your garden or to be used as a central pool sculptural feature.

Width51cm (1′8″)
Height140cm (4′7″)
Depth35cm (1′2″)
Reference No.YAZ3P

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