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Three 19th Century Faience Spanish Campana Vases from the Real Alcázar de Sevilla (Royal Alcázar Palace of Seville)
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Three 19th Century Faience Spanish Campana Vases from the Real Alcázar de Sevilla (Royal Alcázar Palace of Seville)

Three original 19th Century faience tin-glazed Campana garden vases from the Real Alcazar de Sevilla (Royal Alcázar Palace of Seville).
Of Campana shape with tapering conical stems, fixed blue glazed ceramic ring handles. They are each inscribed in black R.S. ALCÁZARES (on a single side) surmounted by a blue Royal Crown. The vases have a flared rim in colbalt blue and cadmium yellow bands reflecting the iconic bold colouring of the Spanish city of Seville and much of its Moorish and Mudejar influenced architecture and ceramic work.
The vases were and are still are historically placed as planters within the finest areas of the Palace gardens, crowning architecture ornamented by exquisite Majolica tile work, around reflective pools and palace courtyards.

Provenance from Pitchford Hall, Shropshire Christie’s House Sale 1992.
The Royal Alcázar of Seville is a Royal Palace built for the Christian King Peter of Castille.

Please note one with a later metal liner. See images for condition. Max dimensions.
Last four photographs show versions of the vases which still reside within the Palace.

Width42cm (1′5″)
Height50cm (1′8″)
Depth43cm (1′5″)
Reference No.ZCMS5

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