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Upper Harz ‘Golden Chalice’ c.1500
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Upper Harz ‘Golden Chalice’ c.1500

A wonderful and rare survivor from a long disappeared town in the Upper Harz region of Germany.
The Upper Harz refers to the northwestern and higher part of the Harz mountain range in Germany In its traditional sense, the term Upper Harz covers the area of the seven historical mining towns (Bergstädte) - Clausthal, Zellerfeld, Andreasberg, Altenau, Lautenthal, Wildemann and Grund - in the present-day German federal state of Lower Saxony.
This elegantly proportioned medieval Chalice, was created in the 1500s and would have been used in the town or village Church, now long vanished to mining activity in the 18th Century. This copper gilt chalice is engraved with the date the town was given up to mining, 1773. And so becomes a commemorative piece to remember the history of the people and region.
Beautifully constructed with much of the original gilding, the bell shaped bowl above the knocked hexagonal stem with flared sexfoil foot with a flattened thorned rim bearing a number of inscriptions in 18th Century German.

Width12cm (5″)
Height19cm (7″)
Depth12cm (5″)
Reference No.FXF65

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