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Venetian Inlaid Commode c.1770
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Venetian Inlaid Commode c.1770

An ornate and elegant Venetian Commode, late 18th Century c.1770.
This beautiful piece of furniture features many alluring details. It would have originally been created for a Noble Italian Family.
The top of the commode has canted corners, it bears a central inlaid rosette rounded in a cross-banded border with fanned quadrants to the corners.
The top draw frieze is ornamented with inlaid acanthus leaves enhanced further by pyrogravure.
Each drawer front has a central panel of burr veneer flanked by shaped and moulded panels with bronze stud handles, the key holes are decorated by a bronze heraldic crest with symmetrical mythological Merman. The sides of the chest feature similar shaped inlaid moulded panels also finished with pyrogravure.
The canted corners are enhanced with carved ebonised pilasters of life-like male heads - perhaps portraits of the aristocratic who commissioned it - and acanthus leaf scrolled capitals above turned feet.

Width120cm (3′11″)
Height84cm (2′9″)
Depth59cm (1′11″)
Reference No.W9PGT

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