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Winged Cupid upon Stone Plinth c.1890
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Winged Cupid upon Stone Plinth c.1890

A charming and beautifully poised depiction of Cupid in thought c.1890.

This gentle sculpture originates from the south of France, and is a rare example of an Art Nouveau garden statue and a model we have never come across before.

Cupid stands in a thoughtful yet coquettish pose with typical Art Nouveau ‘Alice band’ and hairstyle of exceptionally detailed ringlets. He has beautiful petit wings. Ivy winds round a small tree stump which he perches upon, his quiver of arrows slung to his side.

Created from stone composite, paired with a York Stone plinth.
Note one old repair to his left wing.
Cupid size without plinth 107 h x 42 w x 37 d cm.

Width60cm (2′)
Height117cm (3′10″)
Depth60cm (2′)
Reference No.XBFP6

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